Our Mission is Simple:

To give our clients a superior experience. We want you to know that your hair is being cared for by the finest salon in Westlake Village.

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Recognized for Excellence

We’ve been featured on the TLC channel.
On the reality TV series called “Toddlers & Tiaras.”
Top Ranked Hair Services
We are one of the best celebrity hair salons in Westlake Village.
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Style is Universal

We offer hair and beauty services for men, women, and children. At Michelle’s Hair Salon and Spa Over 500 Happy Clients! we are Focused on One Thing – Helping You Look Amazing!

Westlake Village

Secluded, picturesque, tranquil.
We are nestled in Westlake Village, CA 91361.
The Number One Hair Salon
Come enjoy the neighborhood.

500+ People Get Their Beauty services From Michelle’s Hair Salon

Michelle Hair Salon & Spa is dedicated to creating beauty, amazing hair design,compelling hair coloring, and innovative hair techniques that will make you feel beautiful.

What Clients Say

Michelle’s Hair Salon is absolutely remarkable. The stylists are great, along with everything else about the salon. They’re a high-end place, too, with exceptional facilities. Westlake Village is lucky to have such a great salon in town. I would suggest Michelle’s to anyone!”
Holly Preston
I’ve been getting my haircut at Michelle’s for years; they’re the best in the city. I always walk out with a great haircut that I can continue to easily style myself. I’m always reminded of how awesome my haircut is when I realize 6 weeks have gone by and my hair looks just as good grown out. When I got my hair cut elsewhere, it would look okay for a week or so before turning into a complete mess. The stylists at Michelle’s take the time with every client to make sure you are getting the best haircut possible. They’re really concerned with making your cut last, make sure that it will be easy to style on your own and will grow in properly.
Michael Grossman
I got my haircut from Michelle, and she was simply amazing. I wanted a cute cut – something original – but still easy to manage. Who doesn’t? Michelle really listened to me, and helped me decide on a style. She didn’t rush through my appointment, and she gave me an amazing cut! I really like my new look; I got so many compliments at work the next day! I highly recommend Michelle. She’ll give you a great cut at a fair price.
Jennifer Page

Our Services Include

  • Full service men’s and women hair salon
  • Professional Coloring: full, highlights, gray patches
  • Deep Conditioning and Keratin Treatments
  • Weaves, Extensions, Threading Hair Removal
  • Yuko Permanent Straightening
  • Quality Customer Service: We’re here for you.
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